Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MAR Monthly Report: May 2016

Changes to The MAR

  • New Addresses:  200
  • Updated Addresses: 252
  • New Place Names:   13
  • New Residential Units:  50

By The Numbers

  • Addresses:  145,998
  • Residential Units:    225,876
  • Place Names:   7,818
  • Intersections:    18,642
  • Blocks:  16.218

In the News 

  • Post Offices were updated.
  • Blocks and Intersection data were updated.
  • Reviewed recent satellite imagery from March 2016 for new construction.  Based on this new imagery over 200 addresses had their status value changed from 'ASSIGNED' to 'ACTIVE'
  • New large residential development adjacent Commodore Joshua Barney Drive NE was approved by DCRA and added to the MAR.

Did You Know?

The 4 quadrants are Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Southeast (SE) and Southwest (SW) and shall be abbreviated as shown above.  All addresses in Washington DC have a quadrant attached to them (with the exception of the US Capitol building, which is at the central point of the addressing grid).  These quadrant designations are critical to the location of addresses in Washington DC, and must be incorporated into every address.  For example there exists:
  • 500 12TH STREET SE (CVS Pharmacy)
  • 500 12TH STREET SW (Office Building)
  • 500 12TH STREET NE (Residential) 
  • 500 12TH STREET NW (Parking Garage)