Thursday, March 3, 2016

MAR Monthly Report: February 2016

MAR Monthly Report: February 2016

Changes to The MAR 

  • New Addresses:  32
  • New Place Names:    100
  • New Residential Units:  556

By The Numbers 

  • Addresses:  145,706
  • Residential Units:    225,650
  • Place Names:   7,744
  • Intersections:    18,602
  • Blocks:  16.207

In the News 

  • Recent DCRA Building Permit data was reviewed.  About 20 addresses were added and updated based on this information.   


Did You Know?

The Street Name Alias table contains a list of abbreviations, former names and common misspellings for streets names.  Examples include: 'MLK' for 'Martin Luther King JR' and ‘Conn’ for ‘Connecticut’ The street name alias table is utilized when searching the address table. It assists in transforming non standardized addresses into standardized address. It works as a sort of find & replace. There are over 1,000 records in the Street Name Alias Table.

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