Monday, January 4, 2016

Monthly Report: December 2015

Changes to The MAR

  • New Addresses:  120
  • Updated Addresses:  127
  • New Place Names:    90
  • New Residential Units:  92

By The Numbers

  • Addresses:  145,663
  • Residential Units:    225,041
  • Place Names:   7,702
  • Intersections:    18,602
  • Blocks:  16.207

In the News

  • Until now many National Park Service (NPS) locations on the Mall and beyond did not have street addresses. Working with NPS for many months, DC GIS assisted them in creating logical addresses for 53 locations. These locations include memorials, kiosks, restroom buildings and more. The Washington Monument was assigned 1551 INDEPENDENCE AVE SW. These addresses have been added to DC's Master Address Repository. This is important because it makes it easier to locate these locations.
  • Updated Roadwaysegment IDs in Address Records.  These change as the roadwaysegments are updated by DDOT.

Did You Know?

Even address numbers are assigned on the left side in ascending order. Odd numbers are assigned on the right side of the street in ascending order. Determining which side of the street is left or right is based on one’s direction facing away from the U.S. Capitol Building. There are exceptions to this rule

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