Monday, July 2, 2012

MAR Monthly Report: June 2012

Data Loads June 2012

TYPE              ADDRESSES         ALIASES         UNITS
========        =============== =============== ===============
NEW                  34              68              21
UPDATED             223              20              17
DELETED               7              34               1
--------        --------------- --------------- ---------------
TOTALS              264             122              39
========        =============== =============== ===============

OVERALL             425


Dataset Numbers:

  • Addresses:  143,143
  • Residential Units:  205,342
  • Aliases:  6,647
  • Intersections:  18,509
  • Blocks:  16,091
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference:  236,774

MAR News

  • Addresses were assigned for a new residential development called The Hampshires, which is located at the corner of New Hampshire Ave NE and Peabody Street NE.  More addresses will be assigned for the development at a later date.
  • The values in the  'RES_TYPE' column were reviewed and updated.  The 'RES_TYPE' column indicates whether the address is residential, non residential or mixed use.  Dozens of addresses were updated.   The vast majority of addresses in DC are residential.  


IMGoph said...

Most of the links on that Comstock Homes website are bad. The link to the PDF plan of the area is dead, their Twitter feed is dead. Guess they're not too concerned about marketing their product.

Anonymous said...

Does the MAR identify between Residential and Non-Residential address?

David said...

Yes. The MAR does identify three types of residential types.


This information is stored in the RES_TYPE column. Please see the MAR FAQ for more info.

Anonymous said...

And Non_Residential could be Commercial and Non_Commercial?

David said...

non residential can include both commercial and non commercial (government or non profit)