Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MAR: Political Redistricting

Political Redistricting

The redistricting process in Washington, DC is well under way.   Redistricting in DC involves creating new political boundaries based on the United States Census Bureau’s 2010 Census.  The new political boundaries for Wards,  Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and Single Member Districts (SMD) take effect on January 1, 2012.  Currently, only the Ward boundaries for 2012 have been approved by the DC Council and the Ward 2012 values for addresses lcan be found in the WARD_2012 field in the he Master Address Repository (MAR).

As of August 16, 2011 there are 2,815 primary addresses whose Ward values will change next year. An example of an address whose WARD_2002 is different from its WARD_2012 value is 501 NEW YORK AVENUE NW;  its Ward 2002 value is 2, and its Ward 2012 value is 6.

Additionally, there are many applications and databases within DC Government that use one or more of these political boundaries.  Some of these applications will need to be modified to reflect these new political boundaries.   In order to support this effort, the MAR Team will both update new political boundaries while maintaining the current political boundaries.  

A new field called WARD_2012 has been created in the Address View and the AddressPt feature class on DCGIS Central.  The enhanced MAR Web Services and modifications to the MAR Sample Client will be made available in September 2012.

The WARD, ANC, and SMD fields will always have the effective political jurisdictional values.  When the new boundaries take effect on January 1, 2012,  the WARD, ANC, and SMD fields will reflect the new political jurisdictions that have taken effect.  The the previous WARD, ANC, and SMD values from 2002 will still be in effect till December 31, 2011 and will still be available in the WARD_2002, ANC_ 2002, and SMD_2002 fields.

The Address View and AddressPt Feature class have been modified to include the following fields:
  • New field names
    • WARD_2002, text, 25
    • WARD_2012, text, 25
    • ANC_2002, text, 25
    • ANC_2012, text, 25 (currently NULL because boundaries have not been finalized)
    • SMD_2002, text, 10
    • SMD_2012, text, 10 (currently NULL because boundaries have not been finalized)
  • Keep Existing Field Names
    • WARD
    • SMD
    • ANC

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please email dcgis@dc.gov .

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