Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MAR Monthly Report: February 2011

MAR Monthly Data Loads:  February 2011

  • Addresses:  142,229
  • Residential Units:  210,414
  • Aliases:  5,748
  • Street Name Aliases:  1,055
  • Intersections:  17,861
  • Blocks:  15,841
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference:  235,114

MAR News:
  • About a dozen new addresses were found and added from InfoUSA Data.
  • Intersections were updated.   Many new intersections were added on the Armed Forces Retirement Home campus.
  • Roadwaysegment values were updated for address records.
  • Field research was done in such places as Blagden Alley NW
  • Work is ongoing on reconciling postal addresses with MAR addresses via USPS County Project.


Anonymous said...

Blagden Alley NW still an issue????

A MAR Supporter.

David said...

Some new addresses were found in Blagden Alley NWthis time. The MAR team has been there before.