Thursday, February 17, 2011

What are the benefits of the MAR?

The MAR allows the District Government to more easily compare information across databases and agencies. The format and quality of address information varies across government systems, making it nearly impossible for government to identify all the activity associated with a given address. Now, addressing standards are built into the MAR. These standards define the valid components of DC addresses (Address ID, Number, Street Name, Street Type, and Quadrant), including their correct formatting and spelling.

Nearly, 80% of databases in local government contain some spatial data. Similarly, a large percentage of DC Government databases contain spatial data. The most common is an address.Addresses are used in all sorts of city databases including crime incidents, student, building permits, health inspections, voter rolls, business licenses.

An address database with reliable information is critical in easily locating addresses. It is even more important for addresses which are located in illogical places.

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