Thursday, November 4, 2010

MAR Monthly Report: October 2010

Dataset Numbers (as of Nov 1st, 2010):

  • Addresses: 142,534
  • Residential Units: 205,321
  • Aliases: 5,697
  • Street Name Aliases: 1,055
  • Intersections: 17,714
  • Blocks: 15,841
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference: 235,514

MAR News:

  • Dorms added as Residential Units on Georgetown University, American University and Wesley Theological Seminary
  • Added new field called ACTIVE_RES_UNIT_COUNT to MAR. This field will show the number of active residential units at each address that are in the residential unit table in the MAR. Now, it is very easy to the AddressPt and select all addresses which have more than 100 apartments.
  • New Condos Records from OwnerPt
  • Updated Marinas in Alias Names
  • Updated Hospital Names
  • Activated over a hundred 'ASSIGNED' or 'TEMPORARY' addresses based on new Google Maps imagery.
  • Continuing to go through the No Match addresses from the County Project with USPS

******* Address Number Suffix vs. Residential Unit Policy Changes *******

There has been ongoing confusion related to the question of what is considered an Address Number Suffix (ANS) and what is considered a Residential Unit (Unit) in Washington, DC. In terms of formatting, an ANS designation would be located between the address number and the street name (example: 302 A 14th Street NE) whereas a Unit would be located after the quadrant designation (example: 302 14th Street NE #A). Currently, there is inconsistency in the Master Address Repository’s (MAR) address database regarding the use of the ANS versus a Unit. After reviewing the United State Postal Service’s established addressing formats and consulting with Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), it has been determined that hundreds of these ANS should be considered residential units. By changing these address number suffixes into residential units, the MAR will better reflect reality. These changes will also improve address geocoding.

Going forward here is the policy:

  • All '1/2' designations will be considered as address number suffixes
  • 'REAR' designations which are a separate building will be considered as address number suffixes. 'REAR' designations which are in the same building as the primary non 'REAR' address will be considered units.
  • All letter designations which are not on a separate property and represent one occupancy will be considered units (except for military addresses).
Therefore, over the next month hundreds of addresses which have address number suffixes will be transformed into residential units. These address number suffixes will be deleted from the address table; in their place will be residential units.

The MAR Data Team will be storing a table of those addresses which will be deleted. This table can be used to convert address number suffixes into units or addresses. This will affect about 0.5% of addresses in the MAR.

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