Monday, August 16, 2010

‘RECOMMENDED’ Status for Addresses has been Removed

The ‘RECOMMENDED’ status for addresses in the MAR is no longer needed.  This is because DC GIS no longer sends over an employee to DCRA to recommend addresses.  A DCRA employee has taken over this function and when the employee assigns (approves) an address, it will be entered into the MAR with a status of 'ASSIGNED''  

A few days ago there were 28 addresses which have the ‘RECOMMENDED’ status.   All these addresses had their status' changed to either a ‘TEMPORARY’ or ‘ACTIVE’ or ‘ASSIGNED’ or ‘RETIRE’.  Also, going forward an address will not be given the  ‘RECCOMENDED’ status. The advantage of this is that it would reflect the new reality and also simplify the choices of status values in the MAR.

Changes made to the MAR:

• 28 Addresses whose status was‘RECOMMENDED’ were changed to status's of  ‘TEMPORARY’ or ‘ACTIVE’ or ‘ASSIGNED’ or ‘RETIRE’

• Addresses will no longer be given = ‘RECOMMENDED’ status (through either batch load mode or MAR Maintenance Tool)

• MAR Documentation has changed.

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