Monday, June 21, 2010

New MAR Batch Geocoder Available for Download

The District of Columbia GIS program is releasing a new version of the MAR Batch Geocoder. The new version will allow users to geocode a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel in lieu of Microsoft Access database tables*. Users can also individually select fields, from the Master Address Repository (MAR), to include in their geocoded results. Find out more by visiting the Master Address Repository Website and clicking Download and Install the MAR Batch Geocoder (.zip).

Geocoding is the process of assigning a location, in the form of coordinate values, to an address. This is done by comparing the descriptive location elements in the address (street name, number, etc.) to those present in the MAR. The MAR is a database of every address in the District of Columbia stored as a point.

*Please uninstall previous versions of the tool by navigating to Start →Programs → MAR Batch Geocoder → Uninstall MAR Batch Geocoder. Users may still continue to use Microsoft Access databases to geocode.

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