Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MAR Monthly Report: May 2010

May 2010 Data Loads:

Dataset Numbers:
  • Addresses: 142,179
  • Residential Units: 193,664
  • Aliases: 5,378
  • Street Name Aliases: 1,055
  • Intersections: 16,740
  • Blocks: 15,856
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference: 23,4317
MAR News:

  • A large number of residential units have been added, updated or deleted. Most of these are due to the processing of the most recent Condo Relate table
  • A new program which will automate most of the process to update intersections in almost complete.
  • Work continues on adding intersections for ramps (example: IRVING STREET NE EASTBOUND AND RAMP FROM NORTH CAPITOL STREET NE NORTHBOUND)

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