Monday, May 17, 2010

Spelling of Street Name in NE: Kearny vs. Kearney

An issue came up regarding how to spell a certain street name in the NE quadrant in Washington, DC. The issue was was whether it should be Kearny or Kearney.

The sources that have Kearny (as of May 2010):
  • Master Address Repository
  • DC Department of transportation
  • Street Signs on the Street

Sources that have Kearney (as of May 2010):

  • United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Google Maps

The issue was resolved by researching the correct spelling of the name at the DC Office of the Surveyor. Working with staff at the Office of the Surveyor, it was found that the correct spelling is Kearny. This was confirmed by eventually finding an official surveyor's map dating from 1898 which showed Kearny. It was located in Washington County book 18 page 18a.

After the research was completed. Both Google maps and the USPS were contacted to inform them that the proper spelling of the street is Kearny.

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thejacksonfive said...

Interesting how you researched this and used so many different documents.
thanks much for sharing. We love hearing about your work.