Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Keeping Up With New Development

It is vital for the MAR to keep up with new development in the city. To reach that goal many sources are applied such as:

  • Address Applications from DCRA
  • Recent satellite / Aerial imagery
  • Building Permit Database
  • Other Databases
  • Site Visits
  • Site Plans from Developers
  • Reading DC Blogs

Today, I went for a site visit to the Capitol Quarter Development located around 4th Street SE & K Street SE. The Capitol Quarter Development is a large project involving multiple city blocks with hundreds of rowhouses. While visiting the site I was confirming and notung the location of addresses and where construction is occurring. Later in the day I was able to update the MAR live using the MAR Maintenance Tool.

Capitol Quarter Development
along the 1000 block of 5th Street SE


SVIVEK said...

How was the field research?

David said...

It was also lonely without you. It was pretty cold that day. I enjoyed seeing the new development at Capitol Quarter. It is almost a whole new neighborhood.