Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google Street Name Mess Up and Collabrative Mapping

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Some of the street names in Google Maps are incorrect. I found a couple of cases in the large development called Capitol Gateway.
  • There is no 17th Place SE here. It should be 57th Place SE
  • On the crescent shaped street near where it says 'McWilliams Ballard' it should be 57th Street SE (not 57th Place SE).
Fortunately, Google Maps has a very useful feature called 'Report a Problem' where users can submit inaccuracies found on their map. I took advantage of their noble feature and easily submitted these problems. Hopefully they will respond soon to my corrections. This 'Report a Problem' feature is an example of Collaborative Mapping.

Collaborative Mapping is important for the future of the Master Address Repository (MAR). The MAR allows collaboration when it comes to reporting missing addresses and residential units. In the future increased collaboration is the way to go.

P.S. Capital Gateway, themselves, also misplaced street names on their site plan.

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