Friday, October 16, 2009

Field Research Today

Today, the MAR Data Team is off to do field research (site visits) across a decently large area. We have some interesting sites to visit. Field research is often necessary as sometimes address issues cannot be solved in the office environment. Among the sites are:
  • St. Matthews Court NW & N Street NW
  • 1400 Block of Church Street NW
  • 1500 block of 9th Street NW
  • 1600 block of 11th Street NW
  • New York & 6th Street NW
  • 600 block of I Street NW
  • Union Station Bike Transit Center
  • Alley in Capitol Hill Neighborhood
  • Montello Avenue NE
  • 2100 & 2200 block of 24th Place NE
  • Evarts Street NE
  • 400 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE


IMGoph said...

what did you have to check on montello ave.?

i live in trinidad now, and it doesn't seem to be too strange of a street, address-wise. there are a few interesting spots (an odd house or two, a couple vacant lots).

David said...

We were checking to see if some the rowhouses had been demolished (the address will then be assigned a status = 'RETIRE'). The resolution on our 2009 aerial imagery is not so clear so site visist were in order.