Thursday, October 22, 2009

Components of a Washington DC Address

Components of an Address

Addresses shall be parsed into the following component parts and order:

  • Address Number
  • Address Number Suffix
  • Street Name
  • Street Type
  • Quadrant
  • Unit Number

There components of an address are concatenated when creating the address. An example would be 441 GENERIC STREET SE 101.

Address Number

Address numbers, street numbers, are numeric. There shall be no address numbers that are higher than 8500. Fractions, such as "½", are sometimes present, and are always considered address number suffixes.

Address Number Suffix
Fractions (such as '1/2'), as well as alphabetical designations (such as "A') and 'REAR' are not considered address numbers. They are considered address number suffixes. Not all alphabetical designations are to be considered address number suffixes, as some of them are unit numbers.

Street Name

All street names should be spelled out in full in the Master Street Name list. Common aliases for street names, including common abbreviations (e.g., "MLK Ave." for "Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue") are found in the street name alias table. The street name does not include the street type such as 'COURT', 'ROAD or 'STREET.'

Street Type

Street types should be spelled out in full in the in the Master Address Repository. Street Types include, but are not limited to 'ROAD', 'STREET', 'AVENUE', 'COURT' etc.


The quadrants are Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Southeast (SE) and Southwest (SW) and shall be abbreviated as shown above. All addresses in Washington DC have a quadrant attached to them (with the possible exception of the Capitol which is at the central point of the addressing grid. These quadrant designations are critical to location of addresses in Washington DC, and must be incorporated into every address.

Unit Number

Unit number denotes a housing occupancy which has a secondary designation. These can be apartments or condominiums


This information as taken from the Master Address Repository (MAR) Address Standards Document (pdf).

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