Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is a Unit Block in DC?

A unit block in Washington, DC is a block that has a theoretical range of address numbers between 1 and 99. Most blocks can be referred to as something similar to the 100 block of Street Name, the 200 block of Street Name, 300 block of Street Name. It is awkward to call something the 0 block of, so instead the block is referred to as the unit block (example: Unit block of T Street NW)

The unit block of T Street NW (from Google Maps). It is located adjacent to, and just to the west of, North Capitol Street.

Unit blocks are located in three types of places:
  • Regular blocks on the address grid, usually located adjacent to East Capitol Street, North Capitol Street, South Capitol Street.
  • Circles (Dupont Circle NW, Logan Circle NW, Sherman Circle NW)
  • Alley Streets (Pomander Walk NW, Walter Houp Court NE)
Also check out Distribution of Addresses 1 - 99 (Unit Block).

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Dan said...

THANK YOU for the explanation!! I have been searching "the Google" for about an hour trying to find out if my assumed definition regarding a unit block was correct. Your explanation was clear and concise. GOLD STAR!