Thursday, September 17, 2009

Residential Unit Submission Page

The MAR recently added a unit submission page where residential units can be submitted for inclusion in the Residential Units table. Units can only be submitted for primary addresses which already exist in the address table. To use this feature type go to the MAR Sample Client. Then type in the primary address (without the unit). If the address is valid then one gets to the Location Details page.

On the Location Details page it will show the details of the address. If the address already has residential units (in the MAR) it will show 'Unit: Display / Submit Unit(s).' If the address does not have any units (in the MAR) then it will show 'Unit: None. / Submit Unit(s).' If, for example, there are no units then click on the 'None. Submit Unit(s)' link, the Unit Submission Page will appear. See below image:

The user can then fill out the appropriate information and submit it to the MAR Data Team for inclusion. The submission will be reviewed and a followup email will be sent to the user.

Your assistance is appreciated. Currently, there are 188,298 residential units in the MAR. It is estimated that there should between 194,000 to 202,000 records.

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