Sunday, August 2, 2009

Corner Buildings, Multiple Addresses

There are thousands of building located on street corners within Washington, DC. While the overwhelming majority of these buildings only have one address, some of these buildings have multiple addresses. An example of a corner building with multiple addresses is the building on the southwest corner of 7th Street & H Street NW:

  • 734 7TH STREET NW (Fuddrucker's)
  • 702 H STREET NW (small Office building with a few office suites)

One can view this location in Google Streetview. Both of these addresses are in the Master Address Repository.
Over the past few years the MAR Data Team has collected and mapped hundreds of these addresses located at corner buildings which have multiple addresses. This has been accomplished through processing millions of records which contained addresses located in Washington and through field research (site visits). Despite a large investment of time in this effort, there are still probably a few missing corner addresses.

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