Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Residential Units Update

Currently, the MAR has 185,906 residential units. Back in December 2008 there were about 175,000 residential units. It is estimated that there are between 194,000 to 202,000 residential units. Thus the MAR has an between 92% - 96.8% of all residential units. As we get closer to 100% the difficulty of finding the remaining residential units increases. These 185,902 units are located in 20,132 unique primary addresses. Thus the average primary address has 9.25 units (185,902 / 20,132).

What are the remaining weaknesses in the Residential Unit Table?

  • Special Use Residential Facilities (University Dorms, Group Homes, Retirement, Nursing Home, Military Barracks)
  • Multi Unit Row Houses
  • Large Buildings with a Low or Zero Occupancy Rate
  • Buildings which have been very recently constructed

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