Tuesday, July 28, 2009

REAR Addresses

Last week David and I went for field research and found 3 addresses with REAR associated with it in an alley named Linden Court NE. It is so hard to track REAR addresses as most of them are neither issued officially by DCRA (Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs) nor recognized by USPS. These unauthorized or made up addresses are one of the major challenge that MAR has had to deal with.


IMGoph said...

how many 'rear' addresses are there in the city? is that how all alley dwellings are denoted? there's a rear address at 2022R 1st street nw in bloomingdale that sold recently, with a few other alley dwellings on that block.

i just find the whole alley dwelling aspect of the city quite fascinating.

SVIVEK said...

MAR has 34 addresses with REAR. It is hard to estimate the exact number as there is no credible source for it. However, there could be around 50 - 75 addresses with REAR associated with it.

The address 2022 REAR 1ST Street NW is in the MAR. Thanks for pointing out one.

The alley dwelling is confusing too as most of the alley addresses don’t follow the addressing pattern.