Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monthly MAR Data & Information Report: June 2009

***** Monthly MAR Data & Information Report: June 2009 *****

May Data Loads into Addresses, Alias, Units, Street Names Aliases:


Dataset Numbers:

  • Addresses: 141,696
  • Residential Units: 185,899
  • Aliases: 5,150
  • Street Name Alias: 1,021
  • Intersections: 16,359
  • Block: 15,826
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference Table: 236,230

MAR Address Standards have been published and are available via the MAR Website.

We are assisting Office of Tax & Revenue in dealing wither address problems in their Integrated Tax Systems (ITS).

Preparations are underway for our attendance at the Addressing Conference in Providence, RI in August. We will be learning from others about address issues. We will also be presenting at the conference about the MAR in general and also about the Residential Unit Table.

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