Monday, June 1, 2009

***** Monthly MAR Data & Information Report: May 2009 *****

Monthly Number of Loaded Records

Dataset Numbers:
  • Addresses: 141,693
  • Residential Units: 185,632
  • Aliases: 5,150
  • Street Name Alias: 1,021
  • Intersections: 16,359
  • Block: 15,826
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference Table: 235,645


A major update of SSL (property) values in the ASSIGNED and RECOMMENDED Addresses was performed.

A large number of residential units were loaded into the MAR. There are now 185,632 records in the Residential Units Table. There are an estimated 194,000 – 202,000 residential units in Washington, DC; thus the Residential Unit Table is estimated to be between 91.9% - 95.6% complete.

Updated and published the MAR Presentation. It is available on the MAR Website.

The Address Anomalies Report has been updated. A few more cases have been added. It is available on the MAR Website.

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