Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Address Problem: 1913 BLADENSBURG ROAD NE & 2300 T STREET NE

Moving Addresses
One Master Address Repository user, who works at DCWASA, found that the addresses 1913 BLADENSBURG ROAD NE and 2300 T STREET NE were in the wrong locations. He claimed that their locations needed to be switched.
After researching this issue using the Google Maps, Office of Tax & Revenue Data and web searches, it was determined that indeed these two addresses were in incorrect locations.
Using the MAR Maintenance Tool the two addressees were switched: 1913 BLADENSBURG ROAD NE has been moved into the property lot 0012 and 2300 T STREET NE has been moved into lot 0014.
Thanks to the user from DCWASA for providing this valuable information. The Master Address Repository Data Team appreciates this type of information as it assists us significantly in finding errors in the Master Address Repository.

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