Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attending the 2009 URISA/NENA Addressing Conference

The MAR Data Team will be presenting at the 2009 URISA/NENA Addressing Conference which is scheduled for August 4-6, 2009 in Providence, Rhode Island. It is a national conference where we will learn much from others.

We will also be presenting two papers:
  • Building and Maintaining a Residential Unit Table for Washington, DC
  • Building and Maintaining the Master Address Repository (MAR) for Washington, DC

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Gets a New Address In Bethesda -- Without Moving

The Washington Post has an article about how Montgomery County, MD changed an address of an existing house in order to accommodate an infill development. The address 6211 Wedgewood Road, Bethesda was changed to 6213 Wedgewood Road in order to make room for a teardown next door where the developer built two houses (where one previously existed). According to the Montgomery County planning Commission:

"The [Planning] Commission is responsible for ensuring that all newly assigned addresses in the County present a clear precise flow for public safety which is our number one priority."

By changing the address to 6213 (from 6211) it allowed the two houses next door to have the addresses 6209 & 6211. By performing this change, the addresses along this street are sequential and will not have 1/2 or address number suffixes (6209A, 6209B, 6209 1/2).

In Washington, DC we have dozens of address anamolies which are public safety hazards ( an example: 416 Cedar Street NW).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Faulty Addresses in DC Government Datasets

In DC Government databases, like other municipal government databases, the address is the most common geographic piece of information. DC Government databases contain tens of thousands of incorrect address in all sorts of datasets. Some of these incorrect addresses cause many problems as these records often cannot be located. Incorrect addresses also cause problems when comparing different datasets to each other based on the address. For example in a DC Net database there was an address of 500 C Street NW for the DC Superior Court but in actuality the address should be 500 Indiana Avenue NW.

It is my hope that the various DC Agencies take the issue of correct addresses seriously. DC GIS is working with various agencies such as Office of Tax & Revenue, Department of Parks & Recreation on address issues.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Address Problem: 1913 BLADENSBURG ROAD NE & 2300 T STREET NE

Moving Addresses
One Master Address Repository user, who works at DCWASA, found that the addresses 1913 BLADENSBURG ROAD NE and 2300 T STREET NE were in the wrong locations. He claimed that their locations needed to be switched.
After researching this issue using the Google Maps, Office of Tax & Revenue Data and web searches, it was determined that indeed these two addresses were in incorrect locations.
Using the MAR Maintenance Tool the two addressees were switched: 1913 BLADENSBURG ROAD NE has been moved into the property lot 0012 and 2300 T STREET NE has been moved into lot 0014.
Thanks to the user from DCWASA for providing this valuable information. The Master Address Repository Data Team appreciates this type of information as it assists us significantly in finding errors in the Master Address Repository.

Monday, June 1, 2009

***** Monthly MAR Data & Information Report: May 2009 *****

Monthly Number of Loaded Records

Dataset Numbers:
  • Addresses: 141,693
  • Residential Units: 185,632
  • Aliases: 5,150
  • Street Name Alias: 1,021
  • Intersections: 16,359
  • Block: 15,826
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference Table: 235,645


A major update of SSL (property) values in the ASSIGNED and RECOMMENDED Addresses was performed.

A large number of residential units were loaded into the MAR. There are now 185,632 records in the Residential Units Table. There are an estimated 194,000 – 202,000 residential units in Washington, DC; thus the Residential Unit Table is estimated to be between 91.9% - 95.6% complete.

Updated and published the MAR Presentation. It is available on the MAR Website.

The Address Anomalies Report has been updated. A few more cases have been added. It is available on the MAR Website.