Sunday, May 10, 2009

We Want Your Input.

The Master Address Repository (MAR) is a large and complicated database. In order to improve the quality of the data we are looking for your input regarding:
  • Addresses of buildings that have recently been built. Please confirm that they are in the address database. If not the missing address can be submitted though our website.
  • Buildings that are demolished. The addresses for recently demolished buildings should have a Status of 'RETIRE' (instead of 'ACTIVE'). This can be confirmed in the address database.
  • Suggestions, comments or questions.
Thank You. We look forward to you joining the conversation. Proudly members of Government 2.0!


Louis Desjardins said...


As you might know DCWASA is using MAR as the reference to locate our premises which corresponds to locations where we have a service line.

Through the Impervious Area Project, we're finding some potential errors. How would you like us to forward you these issues?

For instance we think that the locations for address ids 299629 and 54195 should be interchanged based on the other information available.



David said...


Thanks for your valuable input regarding the address at 1913 Bladensburg Road NE and 2300 T Street NE (ADDRESS ID’s of 299629 and 54195). You are correct that these addresses needed to switch locations(based on research from Google Maps, Office of Tax & Revenue Data, Web Searches). The corrections have been made.

Other corrections that you found or will find can be emailed to me.