Thursday, May 28, 2009

Residential Units Info

The Residential Units table has 185,632 records. A Residential Unit is an individual housing occupancy which has a secondary designation. These can be apartments or condominiums Most of these units have an interior entrance to the location.
There are an estimate 194,000 - 205,000 residential units in Washington, DC. Thus the Residential Unit is estimated to be between 91.9% - 95.6% complete.
The Residential Unit Table includes the following columns:
  • Unit Num
  • Unit Type
  • Unit ID
  • Address ID
  • Condo SSL
  • Condo Square
  • Condo Suffix
  • Condo Lot
  • Condo Book
  • Condo Page
  • Metadata ID
Weakness in the Residential Unit Table:
  • Special Use Residential Facilities (University Dorms, Group Homes, Retirement, Nursing Home Military Baracks)
  • Multi Unit Row Houses
  • Large Buildings with a Low Occupancy Rate
  • Buildings which have been constructed very recently

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