Monday, May 11, 2009

Plattsburg Ct NW

While out in the field yesterday my coworker and I confirmed that the location of Plattsburg Ct was incorrect in DDOT's (DC Department of Transportation) street database. DDOT had mapped the location of Plattsburg CT NW just to the west of its actual location. Please see below image. Plattsburg Ct NW is actually to the east of 38th Street NW. A DDOT employee has been informed, via email, of this problem in their database. It should be corrected soon. Interestingly enough, Plattsburg Court NW does not have addresses associated with it.

Click on image for larger version.


IMGoph said...

i have to ask—if plattsburg court only exists east of 38th street, then what is the name for the small piece of road that connects 38th and porter. why isn't that simply an extension of plattsburg court?

David said...

That piece of road is part of the intersection of 38th Street & Porter Street NW. It does not have a street designation (unamed). Plattsburg Ct is a private road (not on public land) located on the McLean Gardens complex and thus cannot also be that small section of road connecting 38th Street & Porter at the northern part of the intersection. That small section of road is on public land.

Really great question. thanks.