Monday, April 20, 2009

What is the relationship between an address and an SSL (property record)?

It is a many to many relationship. One SSL (Square, Suffix, Lot) can have multiple addresses located on it. This often includes garden style apartment complexes as well as corner addresses with separate addresses facing each adjacent street. One address can also sit upon multiple properties. One single family residence can sit upon multiple lots. The address records only contain one 'base' SSL (usually comes from OwnerPly). The cross reference table contains the many to many relationship between Address ID and SSL. Some addresses do not have an associated SSL (such as metro entrances or many addresses on Federal property). In, the address table, each address record will only be associated with one SSL. That SSL will be the base SSL, which is the SSL under which the building rests upon. [Taken from the MAR FAQ (pdf)]

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