Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monthly MAR Data & Information Report: March 2009

Dataset Numbers:

  • Addresses: 141,633
  • Residential Units: 180,060
  • Aliases: 5,105
  • Street Name Alias: 1021
  • Intersections: 16.359
  • Block: 15,826
  • Address / SSL Cross Reference Table: 235,493


  • Major update of addresses at the large Capitol Quarter development which is located just south of the Southeast Freeway between 3rd & 5th Street SE. See:

  • A major update of addresses at Emerson Park townhouse development which is located just south of the Fort Totten Metro Station.

  • Fixed incorrect Zipcode values for addresses on a part of Bolling Air Force Base.

  • National GRID issues were fixed

Residential Units

  • Significant progress was made in March on improving the data in the Residential Units Table. Despite the progress there most probably between 10,000 - 15,000 missing residential units (estimated). It is estimated that the residential unit data is about 87% - 94% complete.


  • Old blocks which no longer exist were deleted. 107 new blocks were added. These new blocks were often located in new residential developments such as Phillips Park and Emerson Park.


  • A few street centerline updates were emailed to the folks at DDOT and OUC.

  • Automated the updating of National GRID Coordinates values when addresses are loaded using the MAR Batch Data Loading Procedure.
  • An update to Address / SSL Cross Reference Table so that when new addresses (except those that are retired) are added, the address and its associated SSL value is automatically populated into the Address / SSL Cross Reference Table.

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