Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Field Research Today

Today, the MAR Data Team went to do field research. Sometimes information regarding an address needs to be gathered in the field as well as in the office environment. Each week or so we go out to the field.

Can anyone figure out where this picture was taken?


IMGoph said...

it's rhode island avenue in woodridge, looking towards saint's bourbon street!

James Tedrick said...

Well, the angle of the apt building is a dead giveaway that you're on/by an avenue, the craftsman cottages are extremely typical of brookland/woodridge (also of some neighborhoods in SE around MN Ave, iirc). A quick look in google street view would nail you to RI/Hamilton (I used to live on RI ave south of here and work in College Park; taking the bus up gives me plenty of time to look out the window).

Scenic Artisan said...

rhode island avenue @ hamlin ne.