Wednesday, April 22, 2009

416 Cedar Street NW = Address Anomaly

The address of the Takoma Park Library is 416 Cedar Street NW which is an address anomaly. Address anomalies are illogical addresses.

Why is 416 Cedar Street NW an address anomaly?

Cedar Street is an east west street and is numbered as such. The address 416 Cedar Street NW is in the NW quadrant and thus as one heads further west along east west streets the address numbers increase. As one heads west from 5th Street (in the NW quadrant) the number should be 500 or greater. Since 416 Cedar Street NW is located just west of 5th Street NW it should have a 500 block designation. A logical address for the Takoma Library is 500 Cedar Street NW. The library should change their address so it easier to locate.

Map of 416 Cedar Street NW. Click on image for larger view.

There are dozens of addresses that are illogical. These addresses are illogical because they do not follow the normal rules of Washington, DC's addressing grid system. These illogical addresses are also referred to as address anomalies. DC GIS maintains an address anomalies list which can be viewed and downloaded on the following webpage:

There are dozens of address anomalies in Washington, DC. DC GIS has spent hundreds of hours tracking down these cases and ensuring that the database matches the reality on the street.

Please check out our Address Anomalies Report (very large pdf).

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